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Did you know that advertisers are increasingly using rich media ads that integrate various features such as audio, video, graphics or interactive elements to create audience interaction and engagement? Imagination is the key to what the ad can accomplish if budget is not a constraint: from simpler features such as playing a video or sound to more advanced features such as playing a game, solving a puzzle or using your phone's gyroscope, GPS, camera, microphone to interact with the ad, the possibilities for creating a rich and engaging user experience are endless.

We do an overall evaluation of your advertising objectives, expectations and budget so that we can tailor make a campaign that is best suited for your business.

Every time we execute a campaign, we oversee every aspect of the implementation process from start to finish to maximise performance and customer satisfaction.


We constantly monitor key performance indicators of every campaign and recommend adjusting strategies as needed so each campaign is assured optimal results.

We identify properties and platforms for every campaign that are optimal for taking your advertising campaign to the next level and achieving your advertising goals. 


About us

Wherever you go your phone goes with you. People are staring at their mobile phone screens more than ever before. Research indicates that users in India spend an average of 3 hours 07 minutes a day on their phones. While these are only averages based on reported activity, think again: How much time do you spend on your phone daily? With the increased dependence on mobile phones, mobile advertising is becoming increasingly preferred by large, mid-size and even first time advertisers owing to the many benefits if offers in terms of cost, reach and enhanced targeting capabilities. 



We are an emerging digital advertising media company having specialised expertise in advertising across iOS, Android, WAP and Windows mobile/ tablet platforms. We have exclusive tie-ups with leading publishers which enables us to offer you the most premium advertising inventories at unmatched prices. We know that each brand is different and moreover each campaign of a brand has distinct goals and therefore we tailor-make a campaign strategy for you based on your target audience, budget and campaign goals.