Mobile advertising offers a plethora of advertising options with in-App/WAP advertising (which includes banners, interstitials, video-rolls, rich media) being the most popular. In addition, mobile advertising also includes other modes of advertising such as SMS, OBD, etc. To maximise the benefits of your campaign, it is crucial that you choose the right solution and strategy that is best suited to your campaign goals. 

Not convinced that mobile advertising can be as effective as age-old conventional advertising mediums? Did you know that people in India spend an average of 3 hours 07 minutes accessing the internet on their mobile phones itself everyday? Or about 60% of internet users access the internet from their mobiles? Or the share of web traffic on mobiles has exceeded that of desktops and laptops by almost double? Yes, if you are solely relying on conventional modes of advertising, it's about time to rethink your  advertising strategies.



Wherever you go your phone goes with you. People are staring at their mobile phone screens more than ever before. With the increased dependence on mobile phones to stay connected, it isn't surprising that mobile advertising is increasingly preferred by large, mid-size and even first time advertisers owing to the many benefits if offers in terms of cost, reach, enhanced targeting capabilities and overall effectiveness.